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Notes from Founder


What flows through a process, decision node should get measured and get amended with time and change. Where organizations struggle is providing definition and structure to ambiguous data goals of the enterprise. It is challenging because the data enabled vision consists of four quadrants.

Founder’s Notes:

A business vision for the organization or a functional unit should have to identify, standardize and enable the right levels of each of the four pillars of Data Science, Machine learning, Business process and Statistics. How could it be achieved?

My view for a democratized data enterprise which is self-driven is achieved through 3 different ways:

One-time lean process transformation: Organizations run on innovation and processes. To achieve modularity and customer focused inward servicing approach, each outcome at each level is to be achieved through extremely lean and subscription driven model.


Data democratization: Every decision is to be data driven and the impact should be easily manageable and visualized through self-service BI.


Deep learning and minimal intervention: Business processes and decisions should have deep learning embedded in them and minimal human intervention is availed only for regulating and course correction of the segmentation variables as well to alter market response model for any changes in dimension.

What is Decision Science

In the mid of last year, there was a interesting phenomenon that took place. The spend in digital channels overtook the media spend in other traditional channels like television. Read more

Creating a Profitable Data Lakes

Since the last decade with the advent of big data, Data Lakes have been included in conversation. However Chief Data Officers have been reluctant to undertake the initiative. There are a few others of large enterprises who have committed investments but are struggling to justify the spend so far. Barring a few use cases implementation here and there, the list to a successful data lake strategy lies in gaining an understanding of what is included and what is the structure. Read more

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About The Founder

Ramakant Das has over 15 years of experience in the enterprise services and consulting industry. He is an Engineering graduate from NIT Rourkela and an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. He has had a global consulting experience having collaborated with enterprises across the world from USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and India region.

Since the past decade and half, he has been very successful in creating and consulting new age solutions for enterprises across the Data and SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud) solutions portfolio. Helping enterprises adopt use case driven real world technology solutions to business problems and enabling design thinking has been his passion. Being a business developer, has helped enable and drive real customer centricity in data driven solutions.

He has worked with customers across a variety of industries ranging from Insurance, Capital marketing, Healthcare and Retail segments.

Ramakant Das(Founder & CEO)