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CRM and Marketing Analytics


Our CRM and marketing analytics offering help to position and enable a data enabled visualization for marketers which will help in guided decision making and maximize on the objectives.

While a lot of products and platforms are available to drive various uses in marketing, marketers are still facing a lot of challenges viz. a. viz:
  • Strategic and tactical return of marketing dollars to the enterprise including attribution
  • Alignment to goals for each unit as well as organization as a whole
  • Development and conversion ratios across marketing moments – pre and post buying at each stage
  • Definition and tolerance for thresholds for baseline spending and different media mix
Our MI framework helps create a data driven activity based marketing roadmap. MI framework helps:
  • Define channel effectiveness for each dollar
  • Links marketing investment to sales and engagement drivers
  • Evaluates each touchpoint based on network strength, cost and brand proximity
  • Attribution of marketing response function to channel spend mix
  • As a service linking between marketing and ERP and CRM siloes of enterprise
  1. Integrated view of organization capabilities(ERP) and digital spend
  2. Long term network strength over short term goals
  3. Data aided decision making for spend
  4. Easy access to changing marketing performance in any snippet of time
The key tenets for CRM and marketing analytics are:

Usage of statistical techniques for customer profiling including product design, service/product preferences. This will help in separating the systems of innovation and gives ample room for quick learn and unlearn process.

Usage of data models to make informed campaign decision and data hypothesis. The steps involved are hypothesis, segmentation and target validation, forecasting, what if scenarios.

Leveraging of analytics models to develop and monitor for:

  • Churn Propensity score
  • Loyalty rewards score
  • Behavior score
  • “Propensity to buy”? score
  • Ranking of the customers
  • Influencer marketing analytics

Data view to appreciate planned vs actuals sales function measures:

  • Hit ratio
  • Gross additions – Campaign based sales
  • Cost
  • Sales uplift

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