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Pricing Analytics


Usage based pricing analytics to action, effective action. Comprehensively develop and run massive pricing analytics and transformations with terabytes and petabytes of data, purely as a service.

Pricing analytics become very important to provide a real-time leadership in terms of new customer acquisition, competitive products pricing for margin maximization. This is done by a combination of simulation of segment reaction to pricing changes of products/services and simulation of profits/business objectives vis-à-vis competition by changing of prices.

Various data driven scenarios in tandem with pricing information of sku’s, help develop and deliver marketing results and insights which help to forecast demand, develop pricing and promotion strategies, control inventory levels. Price optimization models helps to calculate how demand varies at different price levels that will improve profits.

The four steps involved are:


Data Scraping

Collection of various historical time series data as well products data of own portfolio as well as that of competition in a standardized normalized format.


Segmentation & Demand modelling

Segmentation & Demand modelling for similar markets or groups per buyer personas based on the behavior by application of multiple/hierarchical regression


Price Optimization

Leveraging of statistical models and coefficients to determine the optimal price point and the optimal revenue for various parametrized conditions


Recalibration of model data with discovery of market data points
Technology tools:


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