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Product Analytics


Discover adoption analytics and customer serviceability for your new products and customer centric innovation.

Our product and service analytics can help enable product owners transgress the limits of product development and reap the following benefits:

  • Easily gain access to insights of product and service adoption
  • Easily leverage market feedback in their marketplace stores as a service
  • Access and nurture insights layer around CRM channels without compromising core product architecture
  • Be data led when it comes to define product roadmap right from the word GO, without building it within their teams
From Prototype to Proof of Concept to Actual Production

Experiment ideas and conceptualize with real working pilots, move to production when you have a ROI. Our unique product innovation as a service offering helps product owners develop and drive data products to success thus sustaining innovation on a service basis and helping realize implementation for market ready facing projects only. The salient features of our offering include:

  • Market facing and opportunity-oriented
  • Bottom-up experimentation
  • Use case discovery and top line benefits driven strategy
  • Exploration and innovation as service
  • Peripheral innovation around core systems
Possible engagement models:
Innovation as service Bottom-up experimentation
BOT model for products/product features
Exploration and innovation as service
Analytics partner

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