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User Experience Analytics


Leverage our user experience analytics services to recognize customer journey across channels and deliver the right message/services to target customers through right channel at the right time.

This is achieved by last mile contextualization and real time analytics trigger to uniquely respond to customer interactions. Build on the interaction and engage with a personalized array of possibilities.

The benefits of data driven user experience are:
  • Experience based on data
  • Services to the persona

Managing the core of the user experience across variety of use case journeys happens by enabling innovation at the periphery of the the touchpoint. This innovation can be about carrying on around a user-centered process and vision mapping with metrics hinged around actionable and measurable outcomes.

We can help achieve deliver data led user experience by provisioning the following 3 principles of Data driven Context, Data driven Content Orchestration, Data Driven Content Delivery. We will help deliver these as a service at the periphery of your core system.

How will we achieve a data led user experience?

Through leveraging our user experience manager framework, all existing data silos in the systems of engagement would be able to be broken down and simplified into an object based model. The following are key features of our user experience manager framework :

  • Each object based model will comprise of data, process input and business logic as core definition and will have a life time enabled through business case survivability test
  • The object based model will follow a widget architecture and will be technology agnostic
  • The core of the experience manager framework will be to create a stream of back end data driven dynamic process flows and workflows
  • Dynamic data driven flows help creation and customization of a omni-channel, omni device experience
  • The data driven business technology architecture help deliver the right information at right time
  • Minimal IT CAPX investment and frugal user experience innovation
  • Minimal or zero CAPX investment
  • Low fixed cost of development
  • Burn as you use model
  • Peripheral to core system and always on the innovation forefront
Offerings leveraging the platform:

Customer Experience, CX Solutions, implementation of Net Promoter Score, partnering for Customer Advocacy Measurement, advocacy of Voice of Customer, Customer Experience Measurement, Customer-centric Operations, and Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Possible engagement models:
  • As a service
  • Outcome driven risk mitigated
  • Managed services

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