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Customer Experience Analytics – The secret recipe for Customer Satisfaction

Designing Great Business Over Delightful Customer Experience

Today’s business is targeting customers like never before. Creating and nurturing great customer relationship is one of the most important parameter for a successful business. Comprehending, predicting and satisfying customer needs are becoming fundamental to the long-term sustainability of a business.

The challenging riddle for any business is “how to build a strong customer engagement and nurturing program, to extend the customer lifetime value?”

By delivering an excellent 360 degree customer experience!

Customer needs, expectations and buying behavior have undergone a radical shift. Today’s discerning customer mandates real-time engagement with the right response across all channels. This in-turn generates an avalanche of behavioral data across the customer life-cycle.

To truly delight a customer, it is paramount to provide personalized and contextual brand experience. This is a challenge and opportunity for any brand to imprint itself in the customer perception. Traditional practices like customer journey mapping might help brands to detect any occurrence of dissatisfied experience and resolve the same, at the earliest. But in a world driven by pervasive digital transformation, these methods are inadequate, tardy and most importantly reactive.

Customer experience analytics with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence is reshaping the contours of hyper-personalized experience, through predictive and prescriptive methodologies. It is an opportunity for businesses to shift from outmoded customer engagement practices and embrace cutting-edge data analytics that delivers a truly delightful customer satisfaction.

At SixthSenseData, we have taken data analytics beyond esoteric research to solving real business issues, with quantifiable RoI. We provide best-in-class customer experience analytics solutions across diverse verticals. Our service enables you to offer an outstanding customer experience that fundamentally re-imagines the way you engage your customer.

This is achieved by last mile contextualization and real time analytics trigger to uniquely respond to customer interactions. Build on the interaction and engage with a personalized array of possibilities.

How will you achieve a data led user experience?

We can help you achieve deliver data led customer experience by provisioning the following 3 principles of:

  • Data driven Contextualized Personalization
  • Data driven Response Orchestration
  • Data Driven Predictive Analytics

SixthSenseData enables you to:
  • Predict and accurately interpret the customer behavior and their next course of actions.
  • Take complete customer journey into account and simplify the process of eliminating the obstacles in the customer journey.
  • Personalize customer strategies in real-time with the help of machine learning.
  • Monitor and track customer engagement effectiveness across all channels, segments and products, using a visual dashboard reporting.


About us

We are a data specialty & decision analytics firm. We deliver deep learning vertical focused analytical solutions for enterprises through machine learning, AI and NLP. We provide self-driven analytical solutions which provide tangible business outcomes, through scalable data-driven frameworks, frugal innovation and minimal CAPX investment.

If you want to know more on how decision analytics can transform your business processes, click here or write to us.

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