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Financial Services

Explore various use cases for data driven business models innovation. Write to us to know more on the below.

Investment Research

  • Benchmark analysis
  • Sensitivity modeling
  • Competitive advantage analysis
  • Portfolio investment mix

Customer Analytics

  • Profitable customer segmentation
  • Wallet share (cross-sell/up sell) customer analytics
  • Customer satisfaction analytics
  • Churn prediction and retainer analytics
  • Customer life time value modeling and analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Rewards and promotional offers analytics
  • Channels effectiveness analytics
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Sentiment analysis

Risk Analytics

  • Loan exposure and loss provision analytics
  • Risk propensity analytics products?
  • Operational risk management analytics
  • Predictive risk management analytics
  • Fraud and compliance analytics
  • Credit risk scorecard analytics

Operational Efficiency

  • Business and financial performance analytics
  • Credit worthiness analytics
  • Risky customer’s analytics

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