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Social Media and Chatbot Analytics

Packaged Data Led Customer Self-Help

Enable deep learning in user interaction channels for your interaction. Moving beyond social listening to pass on the feedback from social channels and chatbots by continuous text analytics using a broad range of technologies ranging from meta data based sentiment analysis to NLP based parsing.

Stand to gain the following benefits by building social analytics:
  • Quicker qualified feedback for product /service from market
  • Quicker product release life cycle
  • Easy access to market insights across the organization
  • Easy influencer analysis and brand management
Social and Chatbot Analytics:
  • All customer marketplace and customer-customer interactions (peer network interaction) across the social media and marketplace could be aggregated in big data environment or in a event based text layer and suitable text analytics. This will however work based on the user preferences and with option of check out
  • The social media aggregation and analytics will help understand the "WOW" and "DISWOW" feature that enable valuable feedback to services and product teams as well as sales and marketing teams
  • Further improvisations and combining with GA analytics platform will demonstrate real value addition.
  • The same views along with insights can be leveraged to uplift posts and extend reach of brand across regions and segments.
At-the-moment social loyalty:
  • At the moment loyalty analytics helps in leveraging data to drive timely intervention across media platforms to help either propagate brand selling or introduce influencer market action
  • The analytics program will encapsulate rules to promote user buying activity and will feature a decision tree mechanism to raise stipulated alerts mechanism
  • The loyalty program will help analyze and predict customers behaviour as well help build a holistic view of stickiness to a given brand/service for example - Recommending a product to a user at a given moment
  • The rules engine based analytics program will enable the moment of truth sale by providing notification in the "Time to ACT" highlighted below

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