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Innovation as a service


A critical component of achieving value out of your data is in understanding the use cases of value for your organization. This is possible through fast experimentation and increased speed to failure. Reduce your constraint of CAPX investment and partner with us on innovation as a service.

  • Ideas and use cases along the value chain for your customer enterprise, core information systems, user experience, data driven IOT enterprise.
  • We will help create a ROI template with business outcomes showing actual $ outcomes. Sensitivity modeling.
  • Ideation is done using design thinking workshops and things hats techniques in hours.
  • The piloted use cases and define implementation framework along with control experiment conditions and define tolerance levels of observance of results along with success criteria and program plan. Achieve this in hours.
  • One of the piloted use cases highest in priority and criticality of ROI to demonstrate actual business results and outcomes. Achieve this in days.
Fail or Monetize the Idea
  • Access the outcomes of experiments vis-à-vis business tolerance limits defined. Take the pilot forward towards a complete implementation or shelve the experiment for later use.

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