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Machine Learning


Employ machine learning where human intuition will be limited to process the data and uncover hidden patterns. Using machine learning to introduce deep learning in your business processes and where past customer and process behaviour can be discerned with more of it. Machine learning is important to realize a leaner intuitive at the moment analytics.

Machine Learning combines the power of Data and statistical models to create business algorithms which can deep learn from data.

Create machine learning business algorithms for your enterprise in two ways:
1. Unsupervised learning:
  • Unearth patterns and data trends
  • Clustering and segmentation of target prospects
  • Dimension modeling of market response models
2. Supervised learning:
  • Leading to creation of an algorithm defining a business goal constrained through known set of independent variables
The Algorithms that could potentially be used for using Machine learning are:
  • Hierarchical
  • K-means algorithm
  • Regression and Pool regression
  • Hierarchical linear model
  • Bayesian regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Random forest
  • Decision trees
  • Neural Networks

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